Terminal Ballistics Test (Part 2) .380 .410 Revolver & 12 gauge

Terminal Ballistics Test (Part 2) .380 .410 Revolver & 12 gauge

Terminal Ballistics Test (Part 2) .380 .410 Revolver & 12 gauge

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We explore and test everything from the weak to the extreme and in between. You get to see how defensive rounds perform in gelatin. This part covers .380, .410 taurus revolver, and 12 gauge shells. DISCLAIMER: I do not own this video, all rights go to their rightful owners, and no copyright infringement is intended. This upload is solely for fans and will not be used inappropriately, please support the official release

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By: MrMuscleBilly
Title: Terminal Ballistics Test (Part 2) .380 .410 Revolver & 12 gauge
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AmjsiXT0YM

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