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$3,000 MARK VS budget plan AR10 (allow the hate start!).

$3,000 MARK VS budget plan AR10 (allow the hate start!).

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I know this video will upset a lot of FN fanboys. But the SCAR doesn't impress me at all.

It's inaccurate (and yes I tested more ammo than what you saw in the video, including Federal Gold Match and Black Hills Match)
It's finicky (try to suppress it and see what happens)
FN warranty sucks (read for yourself)
The recoil is sharp compared to an AR10
But it does look cool and it is reliable.

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This test is for educational purposes and is specifically filmed and produced in accordance with YouTube's community guidelines. Dustin Ellermann is a certified, licensed, and insured firearms instructor. Everything was filmed on an OFFICIAL GUN RANGE and closed range with all the proper safety precautions. Do not attempt to duplicate anything yourself.

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